Oh the irony!

Jun 13 2014 Published by under blogging, grant writing

Getting asked to write a piece about grant writing and rejected grants for some website* and then getting that piece rejected after spending quite some time writing and rewriting it. Yup, that happened.

*it's a website from this journal you probably all boycott. They also have a blog about employment, and apparently they fill this by pieces that people write for free...

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  • Dave says:

    hahahahahaha!!! I shouldn't laugh, but fuck me. That is a piss take of epic proportions!!!!

  • anonymous postdoc (shrewshrew) says:

    Woooooow. That is some fuckery.

  • drugmonkey says:


    Did you fail to reach the opinion they wanted or something?

    • What happened was that they wanted me to write a longer version of this post. I decided to do this, even though they said they didn't have the funds to pay people for writing posts for their blog. I figured I was on maternity leave and had some time to work on this. Also, I was flattered ;-).
      After going back and forth with edits twice, they said that maybe they wanted more actual advice on how to write a successful grant. I tried to add all the things that I could think of, but as we all know, I'm more of an expert on writing unsuccessful grants than successful ones.
      Then I didn't hear anything for a month and a half, and then they told me that what I had written would not be interesting enough for their blog audience, but that if I wanted, we could work it into a piece on grant writing advice. I thanked them for the opportunity and told them that I had enough options to write things for free and then get them rejected as it is already.

  • katiesci says:

    Whoa, that's pretty shitty.

  • Sciwo says:

    Ack! Hey, at least you've got an awesome blog post ready to go.

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