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After I wrote my post about why I chose to leave academia, I fell into the rabbit hole when I started to read more of the #quitlit, as the genre is called, that is out there. I started to compile a list of links, until I discovered that there is already a huge list of links right here in a google document. But here are some interesting ones for your weekend-reading pleasure:

You should know why science will fail.

How I learned to stop worrying and quit my PhD.

What's in a name? ... outstanding, excellent, world-leading

The 'system' failed me. It should have failed me sooner.

And last but not least, a very insightful post by Melonie Fullick about why this is even such a big thing, to write blog posts about choosing a different job.

And now I'm going back to the lab for my last month in this post-doc job. It feels in a funny way almost like being an undergrad again: knowing exactly how much time you will spend in a lab and which experiments you will do on which days. Let's see how many cells I can record from in my last month as a post-doc!

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  • Leah says:

    I left academia, and it was a great move for me. I considered industry (and still might), but I love teaching, so I went the high school route. I actually mastered out of a program. Maybe I saw the writing on the wall? I loved teaching, and I saw my older friends in the program struggling to get jobs. It just wasn't worth the slog through the PhD for me.

    I hope this is a great move for you. Please don't feel deficient or dismayed. You can still do great science in industry. Academia is not the only game in town. I think you'll find this once you leave -- right now, you're surrounded by academics and their perspective bias.

    Enjoy your last month 🙂

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