Finishing my super short post-doc

Aug 27 2014 Published by under Academia, industry, new job, postdoc

Just a short update (because husband is away to a conference and even though BlueEyes and Little Brother are asleep, you never know how long that lasts…):

The next two days will be my last two days as a post-doc. My last (and second) post-doc has only lasted four months, because next Monday I will start my industry job. The last days I will (attempt to) patch cells, analyze data that I have gathered myself and sweep the floors of the animal facility. I am sad about leaving some but not all of those things.

I did not take all the vacation days that I still had. For some reason, probably guilt, I have worked my ass off to bring the project that I had only started back in April to a good end. I am however trying to get my vacation days paid, but the HR lady seems to be on a very long holiday. Or is just ignoring my emails.

The end of my post-doc will obviously not be a clean cut from academia. I am still very much attached via papers (3ish), a book chapter that I promised (but may have to decline in the end depending on how busy I will be next) and some remainder of my current project. I will be Seven of Nine for quite a while I'm afraid.

I got a hair-cut yesterday, have 2 pairs of new shoes and enough outfits that don't scream "post-doc in the animal facility all day" to survive the next couple weeks. I'm excited about it!

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