Reverse cycling

No this post is not about anything related to bicycles (although I did sign up for my first spinning class in ages today). Rather, it's about Little Brother's breastfeeding habits. He's now 10 months and he used to drink 3 big 5 ounce bottles at daycare (5 ounce is 150 ml for everyone in the world using the metric system). Then he turned 9 months and all of a sudden he is only drinking about 1,5 ounce during an entire day at daycare. I already knew that this is called reverse cycling: he catches up on milk at night.

But where with BlueEyes around this age I was exhausted, now I'm actually pretty well rested. I think I finally mastered the art of co-sleeping. Little Brother is in a cosleeper next to me and most nights I wake up and find that he is already right next to me. So apparently I woke up just enough to pull him towards me and have him nurse and then immediately fall back asleep. It's awesome to not feel as tired as I was with BlueEyes and it makes me wish healthcare providers wouldn't scare the shit out of people with the movies they make you watch* about dead babies from SIDS. Rather, I wish they would tell people how to co-sleep safely.

*At least I had to watch this movie about SIDS and co-sleeping in the hospital hours after giving birth...

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