How the old boys club continues to exist

The other day it came to my attention that there was a faculty position in my homecountry. This is quite unique, because that doesn't happen that often here. Interestingly, the position was at a place that I know pretty well, with people that I know pretty well. The position asks for skills that I have and interests that I share. The position came to my attention by another way than from these people. My first reaction was annoyance that they hadn't emailed me directly, but of course I had just accepted my new industry job, so they probably thought I wasn't interested anyway*.
Next, I heard that this job was offered to a guy that I know, who then declined said job.
Next, I emailed the professor to ask for more details and a website so I could inform people I know who might also be interested. His response: "for now, we are not putting the vacancy online, but we are just emailing it to our friends in the field in order to fill the position."**
* in my dream world I would get a call from them, crying if I please wanted to come back and take this position because I am such an awesome scientist and academia won't progress without my contribution. I understand that this does not happen in reality.
** I don't know exactly whether this is legal or not here in the homecountry.

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    Yes it is unseemly; however, the reverse exists too. Here at a prestigious Ivy League school, the previous department chair held her position solely because of her marital status to the Dean of Research. (She subsequently drove the department into the ground and has been "demoted" to assistant Dean) Said department also has two full tenured professors, both of whom hold their position because of their marital status to other important major domos. Another department has a tenured professor who is the ex of another department chair. All of these people have less than mediocre publishing records, and have sub par funding.

    That's the state of academia - it is by in large a criminal enterprise, based on fraud and extortion. While the "Old Boys" benefit greatly from it, the "Old Girls" are not afraid to wet their beak too. The ideal does not exist, it has never existed, and hoping to create it is a effort in futility.

  • onemonkey says:

    I think they are required to put it out on the web, by the Faculty for example, but no law will (or can) make them...

    I got my PhD posititon in a similar way, I was asked and accepted, so it never made it to an official vancancy. That's how it goes.

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