My year in numbers

I know, it's not even December, but everyone starts to do all those "best of 2014" lists already like nothing important ever happens in December. And, with Little Brother's birthday coming up next week, I find myself thinking about all the things that have happened this past year. So here's my past year in numbers:

0. The number of grants I got this year.

1. The number of awesome dream jobs I currently have*.

2. The number of continents I have lived on.

3. The number of jobs I have had this year (research associate in the US, post-doc in homecountry and then industry job).

6. The number of kilometers I live away from work, which is great (most days, when it's not raining) because we can bike to work each day. With kids in the cargo bike, that is.

8(ish). (cause I don't really remember and am too lazy to look it up). The amount of weeks it took to get our car from the US to the homecountry. During these 8 weeks our car changed from a small sized, very average-looking car to a large and unique car!

9. The amount of days we went on vacation this year (to somewhere in France and somewhere in the UK). Much for US standards, very little for EU standards. This might change next year.

50. The approximate liters of milk I have pumped at work this year for Little Brother.

Lots more numbers. I thought of when I was in my spinning class last week and I got the idea for this post. But it being a spinning class, I couldn't really write them down and so forgot most of them. Oh well.


* "Dream job?" one might ask... Sure, there are no unicorns walking around the company. I sometimes miss doing hands-on lab work. And it sucks when the higher-up people decide to cut the budget to one of the projects you really like to work on. But all in all, I feel pretty damn happy in this job. Let's just hope I don't jinx it by writing that here 😉

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  • Whoosh says:

    It's amazing what shipping a car over the ocean can do to its size!
    Fingers crossed you'll stay as happy with your new job - or maybe things will even get better!

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