True extroverts: do they even exist?

Dec 09 2014 Published by under industry, life in the office

In my company, and probably every other large-ish company in the world, employees are offered these workshops* where they learn what kind of personality they are, with the idea that that makes people communicate better with each other when they know each other's personality type. For this post, I just want to stick to the distinction between introvert and extrovert people, as yesterday I heard a talk about the power of introvert people**. This is kind of a hype, as the world used to revolve around extrovert people.

For me, people usually think I am an extrovert, but really I'm not. I am an introvert at heart, who learned how to behave as an extrovert. I like people, but not too many at once and not too unfamiliar. And me being my own reference point, I wonder if there are people who are true extroverts? Are there people who really always get energy from being around other people? People who like to work in groups rather than by themselves? I always sort of thought that everybody just faked this, but maybe I'm wrong?

*I haven't had my workshop for this yet, so I am still blissfully unaware of how to communicate with people ;-).

**Not by Susan Cain by the way.

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