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To follow DrugMonkey's good example, here's my end-year wrap up post. It has been quite a crazy year for me. The first four months I was still at my wordpress blog, and then in May I was invited to join Scientopia, where I am very happy to blog now!

January: Yesterday, Scicurious wrote a very honest post about how she thought that she didn’t have enough ideas to write grants and stay in academic science.

February: This time I want to talk about finding a post-doc mentor.

March: From when I just started grad school I knew I wanted to do a post-doc in the US.

April: The Netherlands has had its fair (or more than fair) share of scientific fraud.

May: I have started my new job today, so my whole day is filled with meeting new people (and lots of them, I just attended a lab meeting with maybe 50 people in the room), learning about new science, finding out where my new milk-pumping-room is, aaaaaannd (drumroll please): a new blog here at Scientopia!

June: If your Friday is going as crappy as mine (a so far unsuccessful struggle to get a new piece of equipment to work), then I have some good advice to make sure you still walk out of the door feeling like you've accomplished something today:

July: This is going to be a short post as I am writing it with Little Brother on my lap on my day at home (yes, part-time work in academia is a thing in the homecountry).

August: After I wrote my post about why I chose to leave academia, I fell into the rabbit hole when I started to read more of the #quitlit, as the genre is called, that is out there.

September: This week I started working in a company.

October: Today I heard that someone wanted to nominate a woman in science for an award for women in science.

November: This is a subject that has been discussed ad nauseam both off- and online, but it's also something that I have been struggling with lately which is why I decided to add one more post to the exhausting body of literature on this: how to make sure that people at work take me seriously?

December: In my company, and probably every other large-ish company in the world, employees are offered these workshops* where they learn what kind of personality they are, with the idea that that makes people communicate better with each other when they know each other's personality type.

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