On changing academic science

First, go read the long discussion happening over at drugmonkey about how the current funding situation affects early career scientists and current grad students and post-docs the most. Then come back here 🙂

In my homecountry, the funding situation is not that different. Less money goes to universities and the money that is there is divided through research grants that are harder and harder to get. At the same time, the EU is funding huge training projects for which 10-15 PhDs who are supposed to finish in 3 years and then those 10-15 PhDs with roughly the same experience and expertise flood the job market around the same time. Has anyone thought about the implications that might have for them?

At the same time, a couple people in my homecountry have started an initiative called "Science in transition". You would think that one of the things they address is this: how to make sure the people that are trained can get jobs and how to make sure established scientists get funded. Perhaps if you put together a collective of white, middle-aged men, it is no surprise they don't think about this...

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  • Jim Woodgett says:

    As a white, middle-aged man I'm yet again embarrassed that we continue to assume we know best and, more importantly, are empowered by other WMAM to cogitate on the problems we largely caused and the effects of these problems on people we naturally exclude from the conversation. We're caricatures of Homer Simpson. Doh.

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