How to get a successful career in neuroscience

You know how a while ago I wrote about how being a post-doc is a bit like hitchhiking in the sense that you're dependent on others to get where you want to be? Today a paper came out with advice on how to get a successful career in neuroscience with the slightly ironic title "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Neuroscience Career". The paper says many things that are not very new, like that you need many papers and grants and experience abroad in order to be successful as a neuroscientist (or probably any other type of academic scientist). It does however also raise an important point, namely that if you're an early career scientist and you miss the boat (with grant money) a couple times because of things outside your control, it's very difficult to still be competitive. The authors make the case that more established PIs should recognize these people and help, guide and/or mentor them in order to get a more permanent position. I think this is a very important point and I would love to see this happen.

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