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On #womeninscience and footwear

Oct 11 2015 Published by under Academia, role models, science, women in science

In a continent where 67% of Europeans don't believe that women possess the skills to be in high-level scientific positions, it is nice that the Dutch scientific organization (NWO) organizes a talent day for female scientists. What is sad about it, is that they call it "Pump your career"*. What is wrong with that, you might ask. Well, by focusing on uncomfortable footwear for women, it focuses on appearance. And by focusing on appearance, you essentially disempower women and take away the focus from their ability to do awesome science.

Interestingly, NWO isn't the only one in this country who thinks women are attracted to things if you show them pictures of shoes. In yesterday's newspaper I spotted this ad for a women-only fellowship at the technical university in Delft):



* Ah, a kind of sexist play on words when talking to females with regards to science, where have we heard that before (hint: the UK's recent "Pretty curious" campaign to attract girls to STEM)

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