Twelve months of InBabyAttachMode (2015)

Dec 31 2015 Published by under blogging

Just like last year, here's my end of year post (just in time!) with the first post of every month.

January: Happy 2015 everyone! I hope this will be a great year full of whatever you want it to be full of!

February: In my homecountry, only 16% of the full professors are female.

March: First, go read the long discussion happening over at drugmonkey about how the current funding situation affects early career scientists and current grad students and post-docs the most.

April: When reviewing somebody else's paper for a journal, I found myself thinking:"hey, my paper just got rejected with a similar response to the reviewers! Perhaps I should reject this paper too!".

May: As DrugMonkey already talked about: a well-known neuroscientist doing non-human primate research has announced that he will stop using monkeys but will switch to rodents instead.

June: This morning, I was happy to discover this new website from 4 Dutch female full professors: Athena's angels.

July: The reason it is so quiet here (last post over a month ago I just realized) is that I was soloparenting for a week when husband was away to a conference and immediately afterwards we went on vacation for 2 weeks.

August: This week is World Breastfeeding week and this year's theme is combining breastfeeding and work, so I decided to repost this post from May 2012.

September: A couple years ago I was applying for personal fellowships to return to the homecountry and work in a PI's lab in order to set up my own group within their bigger lab (which is how things usually go in the homecountry).

October: In a continent where 67% of Europeans don't believe that women possess the skills to be in high-level scientific positions, it is nice that the Dutch scientific organization (NWO) organizes a talent day for female scientists.

November: In academia, the year is clearly dictated by what needs to happen for students: teaching, exams, grading.

December: I just noticed it's been a month since I last posted here, which is mostly because it's busy here.

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