On the time given for a resubmission

A discussion I've been having recently: If an editor gives you x amount of time for the resubmission of a manuscript, but the reviewers suggest additional experiments that take longer than x amount of time do you:

A. assume you don't need to do those experiments to get your manuscript accepted

B. ask for additional time to do the experiments?

I suggested to do B by the way.

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  • odyssey says:

    B. Never A.

    Or even better, clarify with editor as to what additional experiments they really want. Then B.

  • Dave says:

    My last revision took 6 months because of fucking ridiculous experimental demands. I only had 60 days, so requested more time. I didn't ask the editor what was important as I thought it was pretty clear.

  • lucy4eng says:

    That means that C) Associate Editor did a poor job. Review time allotted should be proportional to work to be done. I know there are standard times (4-6 weeks). But if too much time is needed, then it is better to suggest Authors to re-submit.

  • qaz says:

    Talk to the editor. This is exactly the situation in which it is entirely appropriate to ask for a quick phone conversation with the editor. See whether the editor wants you to do A or B.

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