Blog meme: Who should rescue you?

Mar 09 2016 Published by under blogging

It seems like Drugmonkey is back in the early 2000s when people used blogs instead of twitter to exchange ideas. Without emojis too, can you imagine?! He started a meme with the question: which top five movie or TV characters should come rescue you from a bad situation? This is another hint that he's back in the early 00s because who on earth watches TV? Or does Netflix/Youtube count as TV too? I'm tagging Doctor_PMS and challdreams!

Mine are:

  1. Hugh Glass (when I'm cold I'd really like someone to hand me a warm horse carcass to sit in)
  2. Claire Underwood (when a situation is so bad you can do without ethics but with very classy outfits)
  3. Saul Goodman (of course!)
  4. The octonauts
  5. Story bots (every kid should watch this!)

What are yours? Post a link or your answers in the comments and join Drugmonkey in the early 00s!

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