Assumptions vs open questions

Instead of: "Hey, are you an intern/graduate student/post-doc here?"

You can ask: "So, what is your position here?"

Or, instead of: "Is this your first job after graduating college?"

You can ask: "How long have you worked here and what have you done before that?"

So that I don't have to say - again - that I am not an intern, this is not my first job and yes, I do look kind of young but that does not take away from my credibility, if you first clear you mind of all the assumptions that live there.

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  • chall says:

    it gets to you, right? Added with "oh you look young" <- what does that really mean? huh. (sorry. it gets to me too, obviously...)

    It's similar to the whole notion that you can say "I don't know" instead of wafflewaffle-add some nonsense... just have a simple direct conversation. you just gotta love people sometimes.

    happy weekend!

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