Two stories about #everydaysexism

Two people buy a house together. The form for the mortgage is preprinted and starts with Mr. and then Mrs.. In this case, the person listed under Mrs. brings in most of the money for the mortgage. However, all the mail that these two people get for their house after that, is addressed to Mr.

Two people have a kid together. The kid goes to daycare and the two people are listed as the parents. Whenever something happens to the kid, the mom is the first to get a call. And today, the two people received an email for a course provided by the daycare center for working moms in order to re-find their balance to be a better mother, friend and partner. The sender of this email automatically assumes that the recipient of the email is the mom.

I guess I can conclude from this n=2 that we still live in a world where houses (and cars too by the way) belong to men, while the care for children belongs to women.

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  • Anony says:

    I (the mom) definitely get all the calls from school/daycare first- I hear you there. But I'm the primary on our mortgage because I had the higher earnings (and better credit score) at the time of purchase . The mortgage agent encouraged us to do so. For our three cars that we've had so far, we have taken turns being the primary for credit score-building purposes. We have always had the option of who to list as the primary, but I don't know how universal that is.

    • babyattachmode says:

      Yeah perhaps that's a cultural difference. Here the mortgage papers were pre-printed with Mr. and Mrs. in that order...

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