Why do you blog?

Aug 29 2016 Published by under blogging, ideas, new job

The other day, someone asked me:"So, why do you blog?" and I didn't have an answer immediately. I started blogging to practice writing: I'm not a native English speaker* so I figured it would be good to write something on a frequent (or less frequent) basis.

But why do I write about the things that I write about? I share bits and pieces of my life mostly to get my thoughts clear - and putting them on paper helps. And I share things because I feel they can be helpful to others, for example how I found my job outside academia.

Also - even though I rarely do this - I like going back to read my own old posts. I realize that sometimes I would have entirely forgotten about things if I hadn't written about them here.

For those of you that have a blog: why do you blog?


*I do appreciate edits and comments that people sometimes send me. Although I feel that most improvements to my writing have more to do with me being a sloppy editor than me not being a native speaker ;-).

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  • PsychBrief says:

    I blog because I want to spread (hopefully) useful information and also learn. I learn from the feedback and comments from psychologists and also because blogging forces me to research topics thoroughly. And I enjoy it as well!

  • Because it's marginal more productive than firing Nerf projectiles at my teevee machine when it angers me.

  • Lots of reasons. Venting, processing problems - writing out what bothers me and discussing possible solutions I'd be willing to consider helps me figure it out, building a little bit of community, for my own historical record because I won't remember what the kid did in 2015 but sometimes I'd like to.

  • I have an interest in my subject outside of work, so for me blogging is a way of showing what I've learnt to help others too. It's a great feeling to see all of these posts I've made over time too.

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