My first half marathon

Sep 23 2016 Published by under personal posts, running

On Sunday I'll be running my first ever half marathon and I'm really starting to get nervous about it. I think I've trained enough to be able to finish for sure and am hoping for any time below 2:30. Also, about five kilometers will be on the beach and to get on the beach there will be dunes. I've never been there so no idea how hard that part will be. But the prospect of pain and wanting to accomplish something makes me really kind of nervous. And that made me half-jokingly ask myself if this is part of the reason why I quit academia. So I'm thinking about Monday and how happy I'll be to look back on it 🙂

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  • chall says:

    Good luck! I would highly recommend that you pace yourself the first 6 miles since it is easy to jump away on adrenaline and get a little off track (no pun intended). My first half marathon I ran off at the start and my running partner pointed out to me after half a mile that "maybe we should slow down a little since we are running at much higher speed than we have trained for" 😉

    And don't focus on the time, just to make it feel like when you trained. And last thing, if you haven't had energy drinks when you trained, stay away from them on race day. They have a tendency to mess up intestines for a lot of people while running..... (like me for example ^^ )

    Have a fun and fabulous time!! Enjoy the race!

    • babyattachmode says:

      Thanks! I have actually trained with energy drinks and gels cause I was used to that when cycling. But thanks for the warning!

      • Chall says:

        Sounds good! I use gels when training but not drinks so when I got the wrong mug at the end of the race..... Lucky for me it was in the end so it didn't mess up my race.

        Go have fun!!!

  • Dr24 says:

    You're going to crush it. Already proud of you.

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