A manel that talks about women in science

Dec 07 2016 Published by under Academia, mentoring, role models, women in science

This morning I tweeted this when I saw that there was a Nobel prize press briefing with a table full of men in front of paintings of men (or wait, maybe that one person painted in a light green jacket is a woman?).

Briefly after that, the ERC tweeted this very ironic tweet:

Yes, role models are key, but where are they??

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  • Zuska says:

    Very good to know the white dudes convened an important session to discuss The Woman Problem In Science. Role models! Will fix it all!
    I always love these meetings where the problem is named as belongng to women who are not there and the solution is determined to be Women, Doing Something.

  • peirama says:

    That is really special. Good job, dudes.

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