Happy new year!

Happy new year, dear readers! I hope the new year will bring you lots of whatever it is that you wish for! I’ve had a great start of the new year because my parents took us on a nice, warm, week-long vacation to celebrate their wedding anniversary. It was also a nice space to think about what my resolutions would be for this year. Here they go:

Work: In the first half of the year I’ll be doing a new work thing, as I’ll be taking over from somebody on maternity leave part-time and do my own job in the rest of the time. I’ve been debating how much to share here but wanting to remain pseudonymous I’ll just say that I’m moving a little more to the commercial side of the company. I’m really excited about seeing and learning new things and am actually currently* on the train back from my induction meeting with the person I’m replacing. People have asked me what my plans are after that, and if I would want to stay at the new place. To be honest: I have no idea and I’m perfectly fine with not knowing and just seeing what will happen and what will come on my path. I’m actually quite surprised to find myself thinking this because for the past couple years I’ve been trying to plan my career or at least I was in the illusion that this was possible.

Personal: Basically being in two jobs at the same time plus having to move somewhere in the next six months (because our newly build house will be finished then) plus having a family will be busy. The way I deal best with busy is to schedule time for self-care, because I know otherwise that might fall by the wayside. I’m running another half-marathon in March so I’ll be running 3 times a week. Also, I’ve been trying to build a consistent meditation practice. I’ve meditated before but was never able to sustain some kind of routine. This time, I’ve bought a year subscription to Headspace** and that has work really well in making me sit down to meditate for 10 minutes each day.

Blogging: I want to be more consistent in posting, so I’m going to post twice a week. Riding the train twice a week might help in writing down all the posts that are in my head but don’t always get transferred to words on paper.  And I am going to try to include more link love posts. I really enjoy other people’s link posts and I’m going to compile whatever I tweet/read/listen to also here.

What are your new year’s resolutions - if you have them?


*That was actually 'currently' earlier - am posting this now at home

**This is not a sponsored post. I wish it was 😉

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  • chall says:

    I have a few, or rather one major one. To be nicer to myself and not be so negative. I'm having a rough January planned - diet and exercise wise since I hit some rough patches in fall time - but overall I'm more about trying to have a positive outlook on life and being accepting of things that have happened.

    On a work level, I need to get a certificate done and then be brave and have an honest conversation about my future career. Where do I see myself in five years? And this especially since I'm already been in my "new" job for three years so it's almost already late in the game....

    And yes, it would be great if I could get back into blogging and writing a little more - twice a month was my hope last fall. I'll work on that.

    As for your resolutions - good luck! I subbed for a maternity leave coworker last year. It was interesting, yet very stressful since there was a lot of things going on. The best thing I did was to manage expectations up front to remind people that "there will be some differences now when I'm subbing in this position since I am still having full responsibility for my job at the same time".

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