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Feb 19 2017 Published by under Link love

Climate changes: how can we make people feel welcome in academia? New blog!

How the battle lines over CRISPR were drawn with a nice visual of the patent landscape around CRISPR.

It's a beautiful child, why did he die? The English translation of the AAAS Kavli award winning Dutch article.

Time-to-credit inequities of first-year PhD students in the biological sciences.

Academic "freedom".

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  • becca says:

    I appreciate the story on stillbirths. My little one got IUGR about 37 weeks in. I had kind of the opposite problem- several ultrasounds and an induced birth with more interventions than I would have preferred. This story makes me all the more grateful for ending up with a pretty healthy baby at the end. Mostly, I think women will need to feel listened to and respected in all their prenatal care, or both over and under medicalization can be huge problems.

    • babyattachmode says:

      Thanks for sharing your story. I agree that both over- and under-medicalization are not good (huge understatement in some cases). Both my kids were born with a midwife who practiced in a hospital (in the US) and I feel lucky to say that I feel they had found the right balance of being hands-off when possible but measuring if things were going well at the same time. But this practice had a really hard time sustaining itself because of being deemed too risky (and therefore too much of a liability) by the hospital.

    • EPJ says:

      Absolutely, support is important. But I think the support is either misunderstood or taken literally.

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