When can my brain be trusted to take decisions?

The first year after BlueEyes was born, I vowed to myself never to take any important decisions in the first year postpartum. I was too tired, emotional and just not myself to be trusted to do anything else than do the work I had thought out before that year and take care of my baby and myself. It was even difficult to decide whether to work during naptime or take a much needed nap myself.

A little over two years later, Little Brother was born and I completely disobeyed my own order not to take any decisions during that first year. We moved, I briefly started a new post-doc job and then decided to leave academia. I still believe that was a really good decision by the way, but I wish there was a good way to figure out if you can be trusted to take decisions at a particular time.

I notice that there are differences during my cycle in terms of feeling confident to take a decision (or not at all), and then there's prodromal migraine phases during which I feel sad and completely incompetent. Usually I only figure out that this brain state was there after it has ended. It makes me realize how nice it would be if there was a little light on the inside of your wrist that would switch on if you are good to make important decisions, or something like that. Or is that what mindfulness is good for...?

What about you? Do you know when your brain can be trusted to take decisions?

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  • becca says:

    "never make an irrevocable decision when tired or hungry"

    Also, I need a blood sugar monitoring app. I am a mean nasty person when I get hangry.

  • Socal dendrite says:

    Oh, yes. Pre-babies, I had no noticeable changes in mood during the month. But post-babies, there are huge differences. During the first ~18 months post-partum manifest as intense irritability/anger, which has fortunately toned down now. But even now (almost 2.5 years post-partum my second child) I still notice large differences in my motivation and optimism/confidence depending on the time of the month.

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