Repost: How much I like my PhD advisor

Jan 22 2018 Published by under Academia, life in the lab, mentoring

After I just got off the phone with my PhD advisor feeling all warm and fuzzy, I suddenly thought of this post from five years ago:

Recently, I realized that I now love my PhD advisor more than ever. Even though during my PhD I have frequently thought otherwise. This graph nicely illustrates how liking my advisor changed over time.

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  • Anon says:

    Good for you! Sometimes this goes the other way, though. I had a pretty crappy PhD advisor. When I was in his lab, I knew he wasn't the greatest, but years after leaving, I now realize just what a selfish a$$ he truly was.

    Wrt your graph: perhaps it would have helped if my dept. had bothered to invite PhD students to an annual holiday party. They did not. Also, on the day of my defense, my advisor offered me a limp handshake, nothing more. This despite the fact that one of my committee members -- a very experienced full prof -- came over and enthusiastically congratulated me, telling me it was one the best presentations he'd seen "in quite some time."

    It was my labmates who took me out to lunch to celebrate.

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