Thoughts I have when my kid is sick (just a little!)

Feb 07 2018 Published by under parenting, personal posts

This morning, BlueEyes woke up with a slight fever and a bad cold. Nothing really bad, but he clearly couldn't go to school. My thoughts:

"Oh no, my kid is sick."

Immediately followed by: "I'm glad today is Wednesday which is husband's regular day home with the kids so we don't have to arrange something".

"But what if he's still sick tomorrow, then I have a really busy day, so I will have to negotiate who gets to work when. I really don't want to have to miss the meeting that I have".

"I feel really bad and guilty that my first thoughts are about MY job instead of my sick kid."

"What if I had a kid that had an actual illness? I would worry to death and would never be able to think about anything else, how do people cope with that?!"

And then these thoughts continue to go in circles, occupying a good 65% of my brain for most of the day.

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  • emily says:

    I feel you. I work mostly from home and part time because of difficulty working out the two body problem, so I am the default sick day parent. Today is day three of kid being home. Ironically it's both easier to feel bad for him and easier to get work done while he is actually very sick - he sleeps a lot! Once he feels mostly better, he wants me to entertain him. And the extra day he stays home once the fever is gone, because the school wants 24 hours fever-free before he returns - that's always a hard day. I suppose I "should" feel blessed to get the extra time with my little boy, but I pay for child care for a reason.

    I've stopped feeling guilty about recognizing the negative impact these sick days have on me. I don't take it out on my kids or make them feel bad about it, but I'm not going to pretend there's no cost. There have been days when it was my husband's schedule that got trashed because I had can't-miss things scheduled when a kid went sick. I try not to feel guilty about those days, because I do feel I take more than my share most of the time.

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