The Brain Prize. Or should we say: The Men's Brain Prize?

Mar 07 2018 Published by under Academia, role models, women in science

Yesterday, the Brain Prize was awarded. No doubt that this year's winners have made a strong contribution to neuroscience, but it was quite painful to see that this was the sixth year in a row that the winners of this prize were men. So far, 2 out of 28 winners have been women.

What we can do to change this, is to nominate more women for this prize, as the Brain Prize twitter account immediately suggested.

What I would hope the Brain Prize and the Lundbeck foundation would do is to make their selection committee more diverse too. And perhaps the members of said selection committee could ask for (is that how you use this in a sentence?) an inclusion rider.

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  • hukrepus says:

    It's a step backwards to advocate people concentrate on the genitals of scientists instead of the science.

    • babyattachmode says:

      But it's a step forward to assess (unconscious) bias in the way prizes (but also grants, invitations to speak and jobs) are handed out.

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