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I wrote something for the POSTDOCket about , the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) newsletter:

Spending time abroad as a postdoctoral scholar is widely considered to be a beneficial to an academic career– at least it is seen that way in Europe. At the same time, it can provide useful experience when transitioning to a career outside academia. Labs in the United States are generally seen as the most desired destinations for a foreign postdoc position. However, when you want a job in your home country afterwards, being abroad may seem like a disadvantage because it is harder to maintain your network and you may feel overlooked for an available position compared to somebody who stayed nearby. You may feel like you’re stuck abroad.

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  • Sophia says:

    Interesting to read about your experiences. I recognize a lot of it since we did a similar journey moving to the US for a postdoc after I got my Ph.D. in my home country in Europe. My husband is not in academia but was able to get a job in his field (in the US) after a few quite stressful initial months when he also cared for our two kids.
    We decided to move back after about 5 years, due to several reasons, for example we wanted our children to have closer relationships to family and relatives and we wanted a more European lifestyle with longer vacation and better social security. Finding a job offer in Europe, that would make it possible to move back, proved harder than I thought though. It was basically luck that I was offered a staff scientist position after networking at a conference. That just made it possible for us to afford the move. But it basically feels like I have run two consecutive marathons to get from here to there and back agan sts.
    I really enjoyed the experience of living abroad but it was not without a pricetag, both economical and on my personal life with a lot of strain on my marriage. Not sure I would do it again.

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