What are the little things a company can do for its employees?

Despite all sorts of horrible stuff going on in the world, this weekend I wondered about something a little lighter: the small things companies do for their employees. For example, the company I work for has a service to do your drycleaning for you (if you bring it to the office- and I think you have to pay too), and was recently contemplating whether to offer a flower delivery service, where you could pick up flowers at the office.

These services seem to have been chosen with rather traditional gender roles in mind: are these really the things that a diverse array of employees benefit from?

The reason this got me thinking this weekend is that I realized that we had almost no time to buy a birthday present for a party that BlueEyes was invited to this weekend. Wouldn't it be convenient if my company would offer a service that would handle this for me and buy me a little pack of Legos or something like that? And along those same lines, what about a service to triage phone calls from school before disrupting my work schedule? I know of another company that offers onsite daycare with the option to have your baby stay the night if you need to travel for work, which seems very useful to me. And I can imagine that people who need to go to the pharmacy to refill their prescriptions often might benefit from a service that is offered to do that for them.

What about you? What would the most helpful service be that a company could offer to you?

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  • Anka says:

    A service to handle childcare for school aged kids on their many half-days and days off throughout the school year!

  • becca says:

    Hospital grade breastpump equipped rooms!
    And yes, to the backup childcare! My employer offers this as an option.
    Decent food on site is nice- for places with a cafeteria instead of a variety of options, it'd be nice to have an online ordering app or a "we'll pack you a to-go snack/lunch" in case you're in a hurry.

    I think the pharmacy one interacts badly with US healthcare, such that mail order functions as a barrier not a convenience. But it *could* be a good idea.

    • babyattachmode says:

      I don’t know how I forgot about the lactation rooms because those are so important (and I currently work somewhere where they have a great one!)

  • Sam says:

    The one I miss from my last workplace is 24/7 staffed security & a secure post room. They were willing to receive packages & parcels at any time, e.g. from Amazon, sign for them, e-mail you that they were there, and keep them secure until you could pick them up.

    An annual box of chocolates to keep them happy was well worth while.

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