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My year in numbers and books

Some years are characterized by all sorts of spectacular numbers, like having 3 different jobs and living on 2 different continents, like 2014 was for me. This was not one of those years. This year was mostly characterized by me learning that a marriage is something you should never take for granted and always put work, effort and love into in appropriate amounts. Having little kids and a busy job, I seemed to have forgotten this and I sincerely hope the wake-up call I got this year came soon enough. I haven't written about this on the blog and will not write about it more than the two sentences I just wrote because this is clearly not just about me.

Otherwise, this was 2018 in numbers for me:

1: the number of manuscripts submitted with my name on it. I might actually publish something again in 2019 after 4 years of no new Pubmed entries.

3: the number of countries I visited. All with family, none for work this year sadly. Although now that I think about it we drove though more countries on our way to these, but I guess those don't really count.

5: the number of jobs I applied for.

Also 5: the number of jobs I didn't get. Which was a blessing in itself because halfway through the year I realized the cool things I can do in my own job that I had lost sight of earlier in the year.

6ish: the number of things I crocheted. The 6th item is by no means finished yet, because it's going to be a pretty large blanket for on the couch and I've been working on it for over a year. It's almost a meditation of enjoying the process instead of being focussed on the end product, probably something I should learn how to do better.

16: the number of books I finished, highlights being:

  • Ellen de Bruin: Onder het ijs --> such a good book, when will it be translated in English so most of you can read it too?! It's about academia, #MeTooSTEM and I just could not put it down!
  • Angela Saini: Inferior --> about how science and society have told women that they are inferior to men and all the reasons why this is not the case. Highly recommend!

All the books I read this year

750: the number of kilometers I ran this year, thanks to many people on twitter cheering me on!

All the kilometers I ran this year

10,000: the number of views this post received back in February when it went a little viral.

Happy New Year's Eve (if that is something you care about) and see you in 2019!

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Twelve months of InBabyAttachMode, 2018 edition

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Just like last year, the first sentence of the first post of every month in the past year:

January: Happy 2018 everyone!

February: This morning, BlueEyes woke up with a slight fever and a bad cold.

March: Yesterday, the Brain Prize was awarded.

April: Yesterday Michael Eisen tweeted this.

May: It's been a bit quiet here on my blog and one of the reasons was that we took a short trip (4 nights) to Barcelona recently.

June: The other day I was in a training where we talked about how you can influence other people and we revisited Aristotle's pathos, ethos and logos triangle on persuading people (google it if you want to know more).

July: Last month, I received the following question from someone who found my blog and has a question:

August: When I went abroad to do my post-doc, I was determined to apply for funding from the homecountry's national science organization to be able to fund my project.

SeptemberThis is one of those posts where I would be fine if nobody reads it because it's scary to hit publish on this one.

October: Despite all sorts of horrible stuff going on in the world, this weekend I wondered about something a little lighter: the small things companies do for their employees.

November: Just a quick post: if you enjoy reading here, and you'd like to donate to Scientopia, you can do so in the right sidebar.

December: Last year, somewhere on the internet I came across YearCompass: it's a little book you can print with prompts about how last year was, and what your dreams and wishes for the year to come are.


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2018 was the year of contemplation, what will next year be?

Last year, somewhere on the internet I came across YearCompass: it's a little book you can print with prompts about how last year was, and what your dreams and wishes for the year to come are. To be entirely honest, I did not completely fill out the booklet because it was quite a lot of work and required a lot of thinking that I wasn't sure I wanted to spend my entire Christmas break on. I did get quite far in finishing it.

The main thing it brought me was a theme for 2018: it became the year of contemplation for me. After last year, where I thought I had figured out what I wanted career-wise but wasn't able to actually move into that role, this felt like what I needed. I cheated a little on my year of contemplation by applying to jobs I thought I wanted. But I either did not get them, or they didn't speak to me enough to make the jump. I think that in the end that was a good thing.

What really helped in the year of contemplation was getting a coach at work. Together with them I worked on getting a better understanding of what it is that I want in a job. One of the excercises the coach had me do was to identify my saboteurs. To understand better what it is that stands in my way of understanding what I really want (for example not being able to decide between two jobs because I want to please both people) has been really eye-opening.

I'm going to sit down and do this year's YearCompass again and I would really encourage you to do so too!

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