2018 was the year of contemplation, what will next year be?

Last year, somewhere on the internet I came across YearCompass: it's a little book you can print with prompts about how last year was, and what your dreams and wishes for the year to come are. To be entirely honest, I did not completely fill out the booklet because it was quite a lot of work and required a lot of thinking that I wasn't sure I wanted to spend my entire Christmas break on. I did get quite far in finishing it.

The main thing it brought me was a theme for 2018: it became the year of contemplation for me. After last year, where I thought I had figured out what I wanted career-wise but wasn't able to actually move into that role, this felt like what I needed. I cheated a little on my year of contemplation by applying to jobs I thought I wanted. But I either did not get them, or they didn't speak to me enough to make the jump. I think that in the end that was a good thing.

What really helped in the year of contemplation was getting a coach at work. Together with them I worked on getting a better understanding of what it is that I want in a job. One of the excercises the coach had me do was to identify my saboteurs. To understand better what it is that stands in my way of understanding what I really want (for example not being able to decide between two jobs because I want to please both people) has been really eye-opening.

I'm going to sit down and do this year's YearCompass again and I would really encourage you to do so too!

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