My year in numbers and books

Some years are characterized by all sorts of spectacular numbers, like having 3 different jobs and living on 2 different continents, like 2014 was for me. This was not one of those years. This year was mostly characterized by me learning that a marriage is something you should never take for granted and always put work, effort and love into in appropriate amounts. Having little kids and a busy job, I seemed to have forgotten this and I sincerely hope the wake-up call I got this year came soon enough. I haven't written about this on the blog and will not write about it more than the two sentences I just wrote because this is clearly not just about me.

Otherwise, this was 2018 in numbers for me:

1: the number of manuscripts submitted with my name on it. I might actually publish something again in 2019 after 4 years of no new Pubmed entries.

3: the number of countries I visited. All with family, none for work this year sadly. Although now that I think about it we drove though more countries on our way to these, but I guess those don't really count.

5: the number of jobs I applied for.

Also 5: the number of jobs I didn't get. Which was a blessing in itself because halfway through the year I realized the cool things I can do in my own job that I had lost sight of earlier in the year.

6ish: the number of things I crocheted. The 6th item is by no means finished yet, because it's going to be a pretty large blanket for on the couch and I've been working on it for over a year. It's almost a meditation of enjoying the process instead of being focussed on the end product, probably something I should learn how to do better.

16: the number of books I finished, highlights being:

  • Ellen de Bruin: Onder het ijs --> such a good book, when will it be translated in English so most of you can read it too?! It's about academia, #MeTooSTEM and I just could not put it down!
  • Angela Saini: Inferior --> about how science and society have told women that they are inferior to men and all the reasons why this is not the case. Highly recommend!

All the books I read this year

750: the number of kilometers I ran this year, thanks to many people on twitter cheering me on!

All the kilometers I ran this year

10,000: the number of views this post received back in February when it went a little viral.

Happy New Year's Eve (if that is something you care about) and see you in 2019!

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