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My year in numbers and books

Some years are characterized by all sorts of spectacular numbers, like having 3 different jobs and living on 2 different continents, like 2014 was for me. This was not one of those years. This year was mostly characterized by me learning that a marriage is something you should never take for granted and always put work, effort and love into in appropriate amounts. Having little kids and a busy job, I seemed to have forgotten this and I sincerely hope the wake-up call I got this year came soon enough. I haven't written about this on the blog and will not write about it more than the two sentences I just wrote because this is clearly not just about me.

Otherwise, this was 2018 in numbers for me:

1: the number of manuscripts submitted with my name on it. I might actually publish something again in 2019 after 4 years of no new Pubmed entries.

3: the number of countries I visited. All with family, none for work this year sadly. Although now that I think about it we drove though more countries on our way to these, but I guess those don't really count.

5: the number of jobs I applied for.

Also 5: the number of jobs I didn't get. Which was a blessing in itself because halfway through the year I realized the cool things I can do in my own job that I had lost sight of earlier in the year.

6ish: the number of things I crocheted. The 6th item is by no means finished yet, because it's going to be a pretty large blanket for on the couch and I've been working on it for over a year. It's almost a meditation of enjoying the process instead of being focussed on the end product, probably something I should learn how to do better.

16: the number of books I finished, highlights being:

  • Ellen de Bruin: Onder het ijs --> such a good book, when will it be translated in English so most of you can read it too?! It's about academia, #MeTooSTEM and I just could not put it down!
  • Angela Saini: Inferior --> about how science and society have told women that they are inferior to men and all the reasons why this is not the case. Highly recommend!

All the books I read this year

750: the number of kilometers I ran this year, thanks to many people on twitter cheering me on!

All the kilometers I ran this year

10,000: the number of views this post received back in February when it went a little viral.

Happy New Year's Eve (if that is something you care about) and see you in 2019!

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I wrote a piece for the POSTDOCket

Jul 23 2018 Published by under Academia, advice, postdoc, science, travel, two body problem

I wrote something for the POSTDOCket about , the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) newsletter:

Spending time abroad as a postdoctoral scholar is widely considered to be a beneficial to an academic career– at least it is seen that way in Europe. At the same time, it can provide useful experience when transitioning to a career outside academia. Labs in the United States are generally seen as the most desired destinations for a foreign postdoc position. However, when you want a job in your home country afterwards, being abroad may seem like a disadvantage because it is harder to maintain your network and you may feel overlooked for an available position compared to somebody who stayed nearby. You may feel like you’re stuck abroad.

You can read the rest here!

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Travel: Barcelona with kids

May 14 2018 Published by under personal posts, travel

It's been a bit quiet here on my blog and one of the reasons was that we took a short trip (4 nights) to Barcelona recently. My husband and I had both been to Barcelona before, but this was the first time for the four of us, and also the first vacation where we only visited one city with our kids (4 and 6 years old now).

We stayed at an AirBnB apartment in the old part of the city, which was really nice: we could walk to many of the sites and were close to public transport. Also, having an apartment meant that we could cook at home when we didn't feel like going out for dinner (although dinner with kids was quite painless at the restaurants we went to). In the days we were there we went to Park Guell (but book ahead if you want to go inside!), we took the cable car up Montjuic hill, we walked around the old part of the city, we went to the beach and we went to see the Sagrada Familia (also make sure you book ahead!). A big plus of Barcelona compared to some other cities is the great abundance of little playgrounds. Nearly every square has one and if you're lucky they are situated close to a terrace for a drink. What was nice about that is that even when our kids didn't feel like seeing sites any longer (BlueEyes' comment at the Sagrada Familia:"Oh man, ANOTHER church?!"), we could promise them a playground when we were done.

Park Guell

The view from our balcony

Inside the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

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