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I used to be a post-doc doing slice electrophysiology, but now I'm an industry scientist. When I’m not in whole cell mode, I tend to be in baby-attach mode with BlueEyes, who was born in the summer of 2011 and/or Little Brother, who was born in the winter of 2013. I write about neuroscience, life in the lab and my newest hobby: babywearing. Also, I am from Europe, and together with my husband (referred to as dr. BrownEyes), who is also a post-doc, I moved to the US in 2009. After four years we moved back to Europe and I made the switch from academia to industry. You can find me on twitter @BabyAttachMode or email me: babyattachmode [at] gmail.

Opinions expressed are my own views.

Previously I blogged here since February 2012 and I have written several guest posts:

Guest blog at Scientopia

Guest post at CellularScale’s blog about AMPA Receptors and LTP


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